Thursday, April 16, 2009

132 miles

I fell.
I was trying to take this short cut where you duck down into the LA river bank to avoid crossing a street of busy cars. I was too occupied with the slope (about 30 degrees or so) that I failed to think that the little run off stream would be slick (like years of crazy sludge slick). So I rode into it and my front tire went away from me down the slope and my knee bashed into the side, and then the back tire hit and the entire bike flattened... I am not exactly clear what happened by it seems I landed on my chin and then rolled up and smashed my forehead area into the ground whilst skidding to a stop, some where in there I hit my shoulder. Luckily I was wearing my helmet and it took the blow instead of my forehead; you can see the mark the inside foam made on my head in the picture. Bought a new helmet today and it is on it's way.

List of the damage:
-Forehead, slight bruise like.
-Chin, road rash on the front, mostly black bruise underneath, swollen.
-Right arm, skinned the forearm and the sharp part of the elbow under the forearm.
-Right shoulder has a road rash and bruise. Not really sure how it hit though...
-Both palms are bruised but not really any road rash.
-Left knee has heavy rash and swollen. I will also assume a bruise.
-I found a huge bruise in my pelvis area. Also not clear on that one, I think I might have rammed the steering stem with it.
-Laptop got a nice dent on the right bottom of the case. Still works, nothing wrong with it.

Nothing broken! When the new helmet gets here I will be back on the road. Can I call myself a biker now, or do I have to get hit by a car too?


Meg said...

If you call yourself a biker, does that mean I'm a neurosurgeon!

booo feel better!! i hate scrapes!

Mladen said...

No NO NO NO...

You got in a fight for your honor. And the other guy is in the hospital.

...Get better!

VLD said...

And a tattoo, and a gnarly beard! Like mine!
BTW, looked at the photos of your wall again... did you steal all the light from the windows for YOUR side, or HER side of the wall?