Tuesday, March 31, 2009

123 miles

slow month! I am moved into the new place almost, still some things to be sorted out. I spent this weekend installing 2 new light fixture locations on my wall. I had to connect a piece of flexible electrical piping from the ceiling (about 10 feet up) to an existing junction box mid way down... it was pretty fun, after that it was just tacking the flex to the corner of the wall. I hope to finish the second fixture as soon as we find a light we want to have there, then I will post a picture.

Also, I got my bike transported from portland to los angeles!! In the end I spent about $50 bucks and asked a few favors of friends to do it, but it worked out!! thanks craigslist rideshare.

In the coming weeks I plan to bike to work and I think I will make it 3 bike miles = 1 chumby mile? sound fair?

one more month and i will talk about why i have been so busy... and after that maybe get to my projects again... until then.