Wednesday, August 26, 2009

200 miles

I have a chumby!

Past few months have been filled with work and biking to said work. Again, my biking counts for 3 bike miles = 1 chumby mile, I have lost count exactly, but I am well over the 200 miles I needed.

if you need a new guy to read about, I suggest pib.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

150 miles

I am better. I still have some hematoma formations in my pelvis, chin, and knee. They feel like weak bruises but also make my skin stick out a bit... oh well, I am back to riding to work which feels awesome.

I got the oled screen to work.

ok, thats all... see ya.

... you want pictures?

If you don't recall, this is a OLED carrier board from sparkfun, you can get one here. Though, they have moved from my version of v.01 to v.22, I hope I don't have a bomb waiting to happen? I am talking to it from my ardunio.

This was the goal of that level shifting board I made and failed to make work a while back, the problem stems from the ardunio being a 5 volt native board and this oled guy a 3.3 volt board. arg. So my first idea was to have a small level shifting board so I can get bidirectional comm between the two. But after almost giving up and buying a 3.3volt ardunio (again from sparkfun) I decided to try it again with a more caveman approach. As much as it pains me, this is how I am making 5 volts turn into 3.3:

5 Volt output
3k resistor
|------- 3.3 volt input
2k resistor

For each output. you can see on the top pictures on the brown/tan board. I also had to supply the OLED screen with a 3.3 volt source so you can also see the voltage regulator up there.

After that I stole some code from the sparkfun site, it links to here. This code is for AVR, but really ardunio is just c++ with some funny copying, so it took little work to make it do the magic dance on my ardunio.

One thing I changed: I am talking to the OLED board via the serial interface. So I had to write a cheesy serial out function for data and commands. It goes much slower than the parallel version, but I can live with it for now until I figure out what I want to do with this.

If you would like my sketch, email me and I can send it to you...

Oh, and my hoya flowered after almost 7 years.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

132 miles

I fell.
I was trying to take this short cut where you duck down into the LA river bank to avoid crossing a street of busy cars. I was too occupied with the slope (about 30 degrees or so) that I failed to think that the little run off stream would be slick (like years of crazy sludge slick). So I rode into it and my front tire went away from me down the slope and my knee bashed into the side, and then the back tire hit and the entire bike flattened... I am not exactly clear what happened by it seems I landed on my chin and then rolled up and smashed my forehead area into the ground whilst skidding to a stop, some where in there I hit my shoulder. Luckily I was wearing my helmet and it took the blow instead of my forehead; you can see the mark the inside foam made on my head in the picture. Bought a new helmet today and it is on it's way.

List of the damage:
-Forehead, slight bruise like.
-Chin, road rash on the front, mostly black bruise underneath, swollen.
-Right arm, skinned the forearm and the sharp part of the elbow under the forearm.
-Right shoulder has a road rash and bruise. Not really sure how it hit though...
-Both palms are bruised but not really any road rash.
-Left knee has heavy rash and swollen. I will also assume a bruise.
-I found a huge bruise in my pelvis area. Also not clear on that one, I think I might have rammed the steering stem with it.
-Laptop got a nice dent on the right bottom of the case. Still works, nothing wrong with it.

Nothing broken! When the new helmet gets here I will be back on the road. Can I call myself a biker now, or do I have to get hit by a car too?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

129 miles

I have started to bike to work, the way we will swing this is 3 bike miles = 1 running mile = 1 chumby mile. My ride is about 10 miles twice, so 6 miles per day. Woot.

Most of my time has been filled with new job and working on the new loft. Since I can't share the work stories yet, let me tell you about building a wall.

Lessons in building a wall, from Scott.

My loft has two levels, the first level is about 20 feet by 50 feet. The floor is concrete. It had no walls. And 20 by 25 feet of the concrete was painted tan.

Rachel and I plan to share the downstairs but for me to do what I want to do and her her's, there had to be a wall to contain me. I make dust and other bits from the wood lathe, also there is no place to store anything if there are not walls to hide things behind.

It first looked like this:

When we moved in those walls-on-wheels were taken out (they were made really really badly). So the plan was to make a wall with a door along the back side making about a 10 foot by 20 foot room. So I got to work:

I choose to use metal studs appose to wooden ones because 1 - they are lighter, 2 - they fit in my car, 3 - they are about the same price as wooden studs, 4 - I heard they are were easier to frame, and 5 - I had never used them before.

The small 5 foot long wall went well. I am putting a stud every 16 inches like the internets tell me to, but I was making a mistake: I was doing 16 inch on center relative to the previous stud. Later I had to unscrew and move a few studs to be better aligned with the dry wall. The good thing was I had used the metal studs and it was easy to move them, took about 5 minutes!

Notice That I did use a 3"x2" to reinforce the door way, I am not sure if we will install a real door, but I wanted the option.

So I started to work on the second wall, this one will be about 12 feet long.

Just about done:

And then I went out and bought dry wall:

All patched up.

Now, my comment about metal studs with self tapping drywall screws is the following:

I hate them.

The problem is the studs are made of pretty thin metal and when you stick your screw though the drywall THEY FLEX. I ended up taping each hole with a really small drill bit and then used it as a pilot for the tapping screw.

Later I was talking to my ex-contractor friend at work and found out there is such a thing as a "drywall driver" which is a screw driver with a flat nose to allow you to drive the screws in only 1/8" below the drywall. AND, metal studs tend to be a two man job; one guy screws, one guy holds it. oh well.

Finished wall:

I have also been scraping all that damn tan paint off the floor. HUGE PAIN, here is me 70% done:

And the floor about 95% done:

You can also seem my bike that I got ride-shared here from oregon up there. Well I am tired and my butt hurts from my ride, peace.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

123 miles

slow month! I am moved into the new place almost, still some things to be sorted out. I spent this weekend installing 2 new light fixture locations on my wall. I had to connect a piece of flexible electrical piping from the ceiling (about 10 feet up) to an existing junction box mid way down... it was pretty fun, after that it was just tacking the flex to the corner of the wall. I hope to finish the second fixture as soon as we find a light we want to have there, then I will post a picture.

Also, I got my bike transported from portland to los angeles!! In the end I spent about $50 bucks and asked a few favors of friends to do it, but it worked out!! thanks craigslist rideshare.

In the coming weeks I plan to bike to work and I think I will make it 3 bike miles = 1 chumby mile? sound fair?

one more month and i will talk about why i have been so busy... and after that maybe get to my projects again... until then.

Monday, February 23, 2009

115 miles

Remember when I said that I could not understand those people who work all the time? Well... I do now! I got a new job a couple weeks ago and the difference my attitude about working late into the night, or some on the weekend is amazing. I think a lot of it has to do with me doing something I am interested in now and I still have a lot to learn, plus I have a super flexible work environment which makes it really easy for me to work from home when I need to. It helps that I never have to drive in the rush hour any more.

In other news, my wife and I are moving to the Brewery Art Colony! We move in about 20 days. So I have a feeling there will be some posts about remodeling and building stuff very soon... From the brewery, it is about a 30 minute (9 miles) bike ride to work! omg... It is going to be so different living in downtown, can't wait to see what kind of unconformable and awesome stories it will bring.

Reading megs post about pneumatic tubes makes me want to build her a real one...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

113 miles

A memo from the president*,

Last 100 miles was awesome, did a lot of posting, did not get my project as finished as I would have liked but there is always tomorrow.

Phase 2.

It has been a little more than a month from the last post. I am finding that I 1) don't have much time to run, and 2) really don't have time for side projects at this moment in my life (life=last couple months). So, I am going to continue to run, and I will be posting the progress not every time I run as before, but when I have something post-worthy and at least once a month.

Here is what I have been doing the last couple months: Looking for a new job.
Here is what I finally did: Found a new job.

It is hard to say exactly what the next few months have in store for me, and I am not sure what I can say about my new job yet so I will just keep quiet for now. See you on the other side.

*president of lazy bloggers?