Thursday, December 18, 2008

104 miles

I made a charlie(brown)plexing tree!

If you don't know what charlieplexing is, it is basically making each wire at the end of the matrix map to one and only one LED. This is assuming that all of the other wires are disconnected. The cool thing is, because and LED is a light emitting diode, we can use the same two wires twice and just revise the voltage applied assuming that the LED you have is able to stand that reverse bias voltage level... So this is a cool way to address a bunch of LEDs in a very low voltage way, like shown here.

Here is a graph showing how awesome charlieplexing is:

OK, the graph shows how many pins you would use vs how many LEDs you can control.

I am tired, maybe more later, if not see you next year.

Monday, December 8, 2008

102 miles

I did some lathing this weekend, check it out:

that's all.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

100 miles

I made it! It took me a little over 7 months to run 100 miles on a track, with a few miles counted on a local hike. I am not sure I am really very proud of the amount of time this goal took, to put it in perspective I have been also taking a walk at lunch time for the past 4 months, each day walking 2.4 miles. 2.4 miles * 4 months * 4 weeks/month * average of 4 days walking = about 154 miles, which is why I slacked for the past 4 months on my running.

In total, 254 miles in the past 7 months counted... pretty damn good I think.

I want to thank my wife for understanding why I wanted to start running, and also for letting dinner be at weird times on running days. I will also give a shoutout to meg and mladen, thanks for reading! And my main man vld, as far as I know, my only reader that I don't know personally, you rock dude.

Now for the sad news... recent financial circumstances are preventing me from buying a chumby with a clean conscience, so I am going to hold off for awhile and maybe wait until mile 156 unless something else happens, better or worse.

What is next? I am planning on business as usual here at 100miles, I will keep posting about my projects as I keep racking those miles on the track! So keep coming back!

Here is the chart:

Monday, December 1, 2008

97 miles

huge news! my boards came back from the fab! so I got to work on soldering the tiny tiny parts, I got 8 on there and plunged it in and let some magic blue smoke out. crap. It was not that bad, turns out the 8th part was bad and shorted gnd and power together internally. So I took that bad boy off and tried again, this time no problems and even more it works with some test signals! WOOT.

So that was Wednesday.

Thursday I bbq-ed a turkey. It was good enough that my two "vegetarian" friends went back twice for more, haha.

This weekend I cleaned my office while skyping to my friends back in oregon and found my prototype LED message board with only 1 LED cell. It has a resolution of 5x7 dots and is red. I have been wanting to give grey scale a try. So I soldered up a connector cable to interface with my arduino board and in a couple hours had a very basic version of grey scale working. It seems I am getting about 2 or maybe 3 bits of resolution before the LED just looks off, and some of the steps in between are not that noticeable. If I get something worth looking at I will take a picture of it and post for all to see...

I then started installing apache with the idea that I could write a php program to talk to my LED board over the serial line and update the display based on some POSTs or something... mainly because I am trying to get better at PHP and more familiar with web servers.. did not get very far on this last one... Maybe next weekend ;-)

One more post to the original 100 miles! tomorrow is drinkup with the l33t hackers of santa monta, so hope to be posting again on Thursday.