Sunday, November 23, 2008

95 miles

This weekend I was playing with :
  • dynamic image generation with GDlib with php.
  • Adding, editing and removing objects in the DOM using JavaScript.
  • Starting to look into using ajax but don't have a goal yet.
So now the question is, what should I make...? Most of this is learning for new job requirements, but also it is not horrible to learn. Back in the day I was working mostly in php and a little bit of JavaScript; but I was working with JS when it did not have threads and gmail was not around, so a lot as changed ;-)

I have a few things I would like:
  • A recipe database for my favorite food (also a way to search or randomize a meal plan?)
  • A way to list upcoming events. More than list, maybe pull data from another place?
  • A way to graph things, like my running progress, traffic times or weight?
man... so many things to work on... this web stuff is not my first choice, but I need it to learn how to do my new job. The plus side is that it does not cost anything to make this stuff.

I still have high hopes for crazy hardware, it is still in the queue.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

93 miles

lack of running is due to the wild fires... nothing like sucking ash... it was better today so bam, here is a post.

Tuesday I went to a weekly event organized by Eliot Phillips (and maybe others?) they are calling the drinkup. Pretty much it was getting a bunch of nerdy hackers together to enjoy some beers and bs about whatever, it was pretty awesome. I will try to work it in next week too.

I am still waiting for my pcb to come back, it should be another 2 weeks from now. Other than that, I have not really been doing anything exciting; I am learning some new middle ware skills for my new job at work so that is taking most of the free time.

As you might know, I am a woodworker when I get the chance. I keep thinking about new projects to make and I have this idea right now about trying to integrate electronics into a lathed bowl some how. At the same time I have been thinking about laminating some acrylic sheets into the glued up block of wood and then turning that. So I was thinking I could combine ideas and use the acrylics as a light transportation method and do something with some internal LEDs or something, maybe have a ring at the bottom with an internal ring of LEDs that would make a pattern or something. I want to try the LED-acrylic interface to see what kind of light mixing happens and if it just looks lame or worth my time to try it... more on that later.

I almost forgot: I was given a Palm Vx. I am looking into hacks for it, if anyone knows of something really cool to do with it, let me know! I found this thing that loads uLinux but it is pretty lame and it is not usable.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

91 miles



Sorry... 3 days late, but here is tonights news:

I totally saw Neil Patrick Harris today!! I was outside and saw him park his car, and then get out of his car, and go into the gallery for this art opening i was attending... I followed him inside to make sure it was really him and it was!!

I did not shake his hand or anything, but i was about 1 foot from him for a few seconds. That guy is one sexy bitch.

Monday, November 3, 2008

89 miles

I tried to time my mile this time, but I pressed the wrong freaking button on my watch!! I saw the time when I started and ended and I think it was about 8 minutes flat, but I can't say for sure, so lets call this one 8:00 +- 20 seconds... NEXT TIME FOLKS ;-)

In other news, I have ordered the board I build last time. I made a few changes like adding a voltage regular to the back of the board and added a bunch of vias to connect the ground line from the bottom of the board instead of snaking them between the side connectors... I ordered 2 boards and in all it was $27 bucks...

It will take a couple weeks for it to be made and then be shipped to me...

So I also lost half my sandwich gambling at the korean go club. It was awesome except then I was hungry later, haha oh well...