Monday, August 25, 2008

57 miles

Cue the rocky song.

I have started a month long effort to learn go better. I will be reading my books, playing lots of game online, and for the first time: trying to play pro games out on my board. The goal is to do well at the Cotsen Tournament 2008!!! I hope I don't get sick this year.

I will ease it back after the tournament, but until then, I am going for it. OK sorry.

I am rated as a 12kyu AGA, and I am entering the tournament as an 11kyu. We will see how I do, last year I entered as a 14kyu and one 2 of 5 games, but it was also my first LA go turny and I got sick the second day. (2-1 the first, 0-2 the second day) I am rated as a 10kyu or so on KGS...

3 stones in 9 months, that sucks. But I am super busy running for my chumby, working on electronics, programming rad ant-simulations, and other life things; so i think it is pretty good.

peace out.

the trumpets in your head can stop now too.

Monday, August 18, 2008

55 miles

I have given up on EaglePCB. I have moved to kicad, my college goto schematic maker. They both seem to be good, but my problem with eagle was it was too flexible and hard to get images for printing which is the goal of all this mess. kicad is great at making images. AND kicad has this cute 3d image viewing thing... So I redrew my 5volt to 3.3volt board and am now working on creating the pcb object so i can lay it out and create my mask.

As I was thinking about it, I have decided to make use of these i2c temperature probes. I am thinking a i2c temp shield for my arduino. I will try to get that made this week!! it will be my first real circuit etched.

I also finally found some tiny drill bits for the leg holes, so I am set on that front.

That's all... doviđenja.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

53 miles

Today I saw a tarantula! It was my second one on this hike near my house within 1 year. There is something to be said about a spider the side of your face walking around in the wild. hhaha.

So my friend Brandon told me about this cool device called Beagle Board and I was thinking it could be my VGA device with little work... It is just another $125 buckaroos and I am in business... I might just wait another 47 miles and use the chumby though, when I get the chumby... oooohh the chumby.... (don't tell my wife about the beagle board...)

I found out that my 1.5 mile walk is really a 2.3 mile walk using this cool site called Gmap-Pedometer. You just click and make a trail, and it will tell you exactly how far the trail is.

So I am on the lookout for an old maybe broken motherboard. I need to scavenge the 32kHz crystal and the 3volt batter holder. With these things, I plan on making a RTC (real time clock) shield for the arduino. So that's the plan, and when I find one I will move forward.

Oh one more thing, Twitter has reached a new high! Tweets and twittering was mentioned on NPR! haha

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

48 miles

Almost half way! next time will be/past the midpoint!! So that means 3-4 more months until a chumby? oh dear... I have to run more.

I just had my freshman year R.A. and long time friend stay at my apartment on his road trip to OSU (Ohio). He is making a really large L shape on his way, making it a 40 day long adventure of catching up with all his old friends along the way. We ate $h%t at the beach trying to body surf which was super fun, and then we watched the new batman movie in an IMAX theater. IMAX is HUGE, and i am not sure it was worth a $5 difference that watching on a normal screen...

My other good friend is on a crazy road trip at the same time, with a goal as far east as Maine! He is making it a 60 day trip and already he has had his car get stuck on a parking stump and a tick in his leg. Good god man, don't die! Check out the link on the side! (Colin's crazy roadtrip)

Nerd alert:

OK I have a dream, I would like to know of a device that talks either serial or parallel on one side, and sends either VGA or component video on the other. It needs to have a framebuffer internally, and a double buffer would be better.

So does this device exists? here is a logic chart:

digital IO --> internal buffer --> VGA Out (RGB H and V sync) or the Yellow component cable.

I really hope I don't have to make this... the NES can output component video... it can't be that hard right? I am going to do some more research...