Tuesday, July 29, 2008

46 miles


Ok sorry, no I was not scared, in fact I did not even know an earthquake occurred until I heard about it in the car on the way back from the park. My view on today's earthquake was a freak gust of wind in the trees as I was walking down a hill. And then there was that downed tree awhile later on the trail that was a bit odd...

My apartment and all of my things are fine, only 2 things fell off a shelf. Good times.

A little running status: I am feeling really good with the new shoes! Shin splints are still there but they are now the kind that go away during the run and come back awhile longer or the next day. I am not going to worry about them, they are not preventing me from running now unlike before. So today I was able to run a full mile without walgging!

wtf is walgging: As my friend Winona told it: "Walgging is when you go for a jog along the road and run only when a car drives by, and walk the rest of the time." (might be a miss-quote... she said that like 8 years ago...)

ok that's all i have. I hope to have some news of my nerd-adventures soon but nothing yet...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

44 miles

next week or so marks the one year anniversary of moving to California, in honor of this event, I thought i would reflect on an Oregonians' view of socal...

My opinion might have been jaded because we moved down here in august in the middle of fire season, with no less than 4 fires burning within 20 miles of my new apartment. Also, I came from a town that got it's first traffic light my junior year of high school, and now I live NEXT to a traffic light (I can see it from my bedroom) on a road larger than my home town.

I have learned a few things,

-I can merge into a 6 line highway with rapid deceleration and car/semi-truck avoidance.

-I now understand that it is not as hot down here as I thought (ask again in 4 weeks) and I am able to walk around in the burning sun at lunch time on my little lunchy walk without whimpering or crying.

-Woodworking can happen in the dinning room.

-There is a limit to the number of hours you can listen to npr in one day (it is about 1.5 hours... which i do just about every day in my 2 hour commute, that last half hour has to be 6 of the 10 top hits the radio is looping right now).

-Running in the dark is doable if it is 70-80 degrees in the dark. Beer does not exist in socal, the locals have heard of it, but they do not understand what it is and why you would want it; they continue to drink yellow fizzy water.

-Do not eat at a restaurant that replaces the letter "c" for the letter "k". (kalifornia kitchen)

-If you want to watch a movie on it's opening day, be there exactly 8 hours before the show starts and bring many in-n-out burgers with you to eat in your seat. When you leave you should leave any and all trash where it lays. Oh, and pay $10+tax.

-If you plan on biking, forget about it. The DMV test requires you to merge into bike lanes to make a right hand turn. The rule really does not apply because there are no bike lanes...

- Water is abundant in the desert. (ok, no it is not, people just water like it is...)

- The apartment swimming pool is for the kids.

- Don't grow a tomato plant on your small porch. I am growing one and it is larger than me now.

- Expect to pay 7-10 bucks for lunch no mater what kind of food it is.

- Don't grow your hair long, no one understands it.

- If you wear a fedora to Low's hardware, every sales floor person will remember you. that is both good and bad...

- Wash your car or it might be towed because if it is dirty, it must be broken.

- Butter costs $5 per box.

- Go tournaments are awesome. !!! I am missing the largest go tournament of the year because it is in portland... check out the go congress 2008!!

- If you can think of something you want to buy, chances are there is a specialty store that sells only that thing within 20 miles of you (there is a plastics store!! they only sell raw plastics and plastic things).

-The mail man will try his best to try to break your netflix dvds. I have never before had to pull/rip my news papers and precious bills out of the little box as one solid object.

- Fedex/UPS will try to break your package and/or potted plants by throwing it over the fence.

- Turn off the air conditioning at an art reception. The sweat is an ice breaker.

- If you want to fight with your girlfriend/wife, make sure to do it on the sidewalk as loud as possible.

- Don't expect to find any items on the shelf at a 99 cent store, they are on the ground in little piles sorted by color.

- The beach is awesome, just watch out for the dead seal.

- I still don't understand California.

Oh, and I finished that shelf I have been talking about, lap joins and all... here it is:

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

42 miles

I think I am back on track!! What have I been up to? Well, I vacationed for a week at the beginning of this month to visit my family and friends in Oregon, which was great! At the same time I thought I would take the time to allow my shins to heal from my shinsplints, which they did. So mile 40 was me post vacation running, turns out that my shins are still bad or so I thought! I went out and got some new shoes, low and behold I can run with near zero pain in my shins!! WOOT WOOT!

My wife brought me a box of free stuff from her school she found on the floor. She was not sure what it was but knew it looked like something I would like. She brought home 7 LCD display modules!! They are pretty small, about the size of a chumby screen but not as much resolution I am betting. I have not spent the time to find out a lot more about them then that. But I do know that their input is the Red, Blue, Green, Sync (like a VGA cable). I have been looking around for a chip that will convert a digital image buffer to those sorts of signals. It looks pretty cool, but before I work on that, I think I will first get the OLED display up and running.

I have been having fun playing the challenge game at hacker.org. Go check it out... It is a lot like the google challenge.

I am also working on some pretty cool wood projects, more on that later when I get it done... It is going to be really cool. I hope I don't mess it up.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Monday, July 7, 2008

38 miles

Shin splints have nothing on me! Ok they have me pretty good, I am back from my healing break. Put in a good 2 miles and the shins only made a little noise. I am going to keep at it with careful watch on my shins.

I have been up to a lot. Along with my 3.3 volt to 5 volt project (which I found out is even easier than i thought because the ardunio board has both sources on board!!), I have been working on gathering the parts for a real time clock that runs off a 3 volt battery so it will keep the time even when the unit is powered off. The data sheet claims 10 years off one battery!! So I got an I2C RTC from maxium and now I am working on getting a battery clip. I am going to look for a toasted motherboard and scavenge.

Camphor wood makes your house smell funny. I made this with a chunk of it:

It sort of smells like vics vapor rub. It also added a fine layer of this smell to all of the things that live in my apartment (sorry cats). It seems to be cleaned up now. Look at that bowl!! It is about 6 inches in diameter and about 8 inches tall.

Just back from my trip to Oregon, home sweet home. It was a good visit, but I wish I was still on vacation ;0)

See you next time.