Tuesday, April 29, 2008

4 miles

yeah yeah yeah, I only ran a mile today... I have a good excuse, I have some shin-splints that are ruining my life. I ran close to 2 miles, i could have rounded up, but I am no cheater!

To business... So today at work I salvaged an ancient flat bed scanner, the kind that are about 4 feet long (ok more like 2 1/2) with a big beefy stepper motor, then I heard about this awesome project: Online Whiteboard. Which uses two motors very similar to the one I just found! I tried to get my message posted to the board but it was very slow and/or broken. This guy has some really cool projects posted that he has made, I really like the Knock to Open project... oh man so many possiblities for my little stepper motor...

Monday, April 28, 2008

3 miles

Introduction: What is a chumby? well take a look here: chumby.com. Cool eh?

Ok now that the excitement has died down and you have thought for a moment about exactly what it is, you say "big deal". Well my friend, a chumby is unique in the fact that it is 100% open source! You want to take a look at it's software? It's hardware? You can. It has built in 802.11g, a QVGA screen, runs linux at 266 Mhz, 32 MB SDRAM, 64 MB flash, and two usb ports.

Why don't I buy one right now? Well, if i did it would be a spiral of out of control buying of the things I want. So for self motivation, I have setup this challenge to myself: If i run 100 miles I can buy one. Not at one time, but as an evening exercise to try to get myself back into shape as a result of the past few years of neglect.

More on what I plan to do with the chumby later...

So come back and check on my progress, I also hope to have project updates as I go.