Thursday, December 4, 2008

100 miles

I made it! It took me a little over 7 months to run 100 miles on a track, with a few miles counted on a local hike. I am not sure I am really very proud of the amount of time this goal took, to put it in perspective I have been also taking a walk at lunch time for the past 4 months, each day walking 2.4 miles. 2.4 miles * 4 months * 4 weeks/month * average of 4 days walking = about 154 miles, which is why I slacked for the past 4 months on my running.

In total, 254 miles in the past 7 months counted... pretty damn good I think.

I want to thank my wife for understanding why I wanted to start running, and also for letting dinner be at weird times on running days. I will also give a shoutout to meg and mladen, thanks for reading! And my main man vld, as far as I know, my only reader that I don't know personally, you rock dude.

Now for the sad news... recent financial circumstances are preventing me from buying a chumby with a clean conscience, so I am going to hold off for awhile and maybe wait until mile 156 unless something else happens, better or worse.

What is next? I am planning on business as usual here at 100miles, I will keep posting about my projects as I keep racking those miles on the track! So keep coming back!

Here is the chart:


Mladen said...


Good job Scott, I actually heard the fireworks going off.

Now just 56 to go.

colin douglas said...

A+ for the chart. Charts make everything 137% better, this is a scientific fact. I have a chart to prove it.

Brings me back to our summers on the track and around Banks.

Nisha said...

well done! maybe once I am done with this finals/final project madness I can go on a hike again..I don't get to be outdoors much these days!

Meg said...

woooooooo !!

VLD said...

Uhm. This is Rob... :) Grats on the 100miles. Do the next section in kilometers!