Sunday, November 23, 2008

95 miles

This weekend I was playing with :
  • dynamic image generation with GDlib with php.
  • Adding, editing and removing objects in the DOM using JavaScript.
  • Starting to look into using ajax but don't have a goal yet.
So now the question is, what should I make...? Most of this is learning for new job requirements, but also it is not horrible to learn. Back in the day I was working mostly in php and a little bit of JavaScript; but I was working with JS when it did not have threads and gmail was not around, so a lot as changed ;-)

I have a few things I would like:
  • A recipe database for my favorite food (also a way to search or randomize a meal plan?)
  • A way to list upcoming events. More than list, maybe pull data from another place?
  • A way to graph things, like my running progress, traffic times or weight?
man... so many things to work on... this web stuff is not my first choice, but I need it to learn how to do my new job. The plus side is that it does not cost anything to make this stuff.

I still have high hopes for crazy hardware, it is still in the queue.


VLD said...

what is this "new job" think? You never really replied to that...

Scott Nichols said...

vld: ah, sorry, "new job" is a new position in the same company. we just had a reorg and my old team was dissolved and i am in a new one now... so i have a learning curve to climb