Thursday, November 20, 2008

93 miles

lack of running is due to the wild fires... nothing like sucking ash... it was better today so bam, here is a post.

Tuesday I went to a weekly event organized by Eliot Phillips (and maybe others?) they are calling the drinkup. Pretty much it was getting a bunch of nerdy hackers together to enjoy some beers and bs about whatever, it was pretty awesome. I will try to work it in next week too.

I am still waiting for my pcb to come back, it should be another 2 weeks from now. Other than that, I have not really been doing anything exciting; I am learning some new middle ware skills for my new job at work so that is taking most of the free time.

As you might know, I am a woodworker when I get the chance. I keep thinking about new projects to make and I have this idea right now about trying to integrate electronics into a lathed bowl some how. At the same time I have been thinking about laminating some acrylic sheets into the glued up block of wood and then turning that. So I was thinking I could combine ideas and use the acrylics as a light transportation method and do something with some internal LEDs or something, maybe have a ring at the bottom with an internal ring of LEDs that would make a pattern or something. I want to try the LED-acrylic interface to see what kind of light mixing happens and if it just looks lame or worth my time to try it... more on that later.

I almost forgot: I was given a Palm Vx. I am looking into hacks for it, if anyone knows of something really cool to do with it, let me know! I found this thing that loads uLinux but it is pretty lame and it is not usable.

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