Monday, October 27, 2008

84 miles

I made a first version of my 5vTo3.3v board. I also found a great pcb site. It is 2.50 dollars per square inch of design for 2 layers. This makes my first version cost about 7.50 as is but before I finalize it I am going to try to make it smaller and cheaper.

Here is the schematic:

And here is the PCB:

This was the plan when I thought I was going to use the acid and make it at home, but after attempting to transfer the toner via a paper and hot iron... I decided to use a PCB house. ;-)

So after thinking about this for a night, I decided that would use the back of the board for a voltage regulator. Also I might need to add some caps to the 5v input... Also going to move those mounting holes to the middle of the sides so I can reduce the size by 2 bucks or so.


Mladen said...

Hum! Looks like Jesus on the cross.

VLD said...

thats a lot of power pins, innit?