Wednesday, October 22, 2008

80 miles


top post foul...

ok, so I have been waiting for inspiration for my ardunio project, basically I want to make something that I want and maybe learn something new... I think I have it. here it is. are you ready?

The concept is simple, I have a horrible memory about simple things to do around the house. I can't seem to clean the liter box before it smells like death, water the plants before they cry, or any other routine thing that you should do every few days. Wouldn't it be the bees knees if you could set an egg timer to let you know when to do something?! The egg timer has to be small, has to be located physically close to the reminderie.

I would like this device to maybe blink an led only when it is time to do the task? Maybe something that also lets you see the remaining time? It has to be set able without a computer. It should be battery powered (but that can be a second project...)

LED... OH!!!

I still have that OLED display, I still need to finish the 3.3v to 5v converter board. BUT, if I got the OLED to work, it can blink or display the remainder time or what have you.

I have used those phase shifting knobs before, you can get them with buttons too. I have also made an interface using the knobs and button, button as a way to navigate the menu, and the turning for adjusting...

ardunio does not know the time... So I also have to make a RTC board, which I have been planning. I have 4 RTC chips, but I need to find a 3 volt battery holder, and 32kHz crystal...


- make 3v to 5v converter board.
- make RTC board
- write OLED control software
- write menu software
- write timer software
- make a box to house all this stuff.
- add battery (just a thing to buy online... not important)
- when all this is working, think about making a board that is an arduino with RTC and OLED hardware build in... Maybe we get some fans and they want a remindme ?

So, I need to finish up that 3v to 5v board tute sweet. then I can start working on the cool OLED board... NOW I have a goal in mind and it should be easier to find the motivation to do it.


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VLD said...

I like the title change. Did the frequency of blue light change where you are? Thats the only way the mile could de-value. And gas prices have gone down, so in monetary terms the mile is a little longer than it was last month...+