Monday, September 22, 2008

66 miles

The Cotsen was both a great and horrible. Horrible because I lost 3 games (and drove about 250 miles). Great because I won 2, and 2 of my loosing games were very close affirming my rank to be about 11kyu and rising!

Very fun. Meet some pretty cool peeps at the torment too! If you guys are reading this, shout-out to you!

In hardware hacking news: My interest in getting the OLED screen has been waxing and waning over the past few months. But now the go tournament is done and another is not insight for another couple months, I am starting to get pumped again to get the OLED screen to do something. I spent a long time looking over the ardunio schematic to see if I could convert it to a 3.3 volt board but it seems the blasted USB to serial chip is really mucking that up. I think thought about getting a skinny board from spark fun, but programming it is a problem for me right now. So back to the original plan of making a shield that converts 10 or so pins from 5 volt to 3.3. If anyone else is wishing they had 3.3volt converter shield, let me know? I saw a little interest on the ardunio forums but not really any response...

This weekend I am going to try to go to this old Japanese go club, I am told that if you sum the ages of the 8 guys that are the regulars, they easily add to over 700 years old. I also hear they take a little time to warm up to you, so wish me luck!

Well that's all, tell your friends that only losers drive on the freeway in the morning. (Maybe that will clear the road up a little so I can get to work in under an hour and a half.)

OH! And Colin's crazy roadtrip is fin, go check it out on the right side links.

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