Thursday, September 4, 2008

62 miles

I always have a guilty feeling when I am thinking about an electronics project but for it to be useful it would need to be left turned on all the time. Maybe useful is too strong of a word ;) more like entertaining or interesting, but never the less a power waster. So I had an idea for a robot: I would like to make a little robot that is rover style (shout-out to mars) that would map a rooms light intensity at different places in the room correlated to the time of day. So it would overtime find how the sun tracks accost the sky by mapping the edges of direct sunlight through a window! After it has this map, when it gets hungry it would think about what time it is and where it was and would roll on over to the closest direct sunlight and have lunch!

OK I don't think I will be making him any time soon, but it is a fun idea. I wanted to find out more about solar powered robots and found David Cook's project site. He has a nice writeup of a little experiment robot that is a simple version of what I was thinking of. His site is pretty cool too, I got sucked into looking at all his robots for a couple hours, goodtimes. I was not sure what BEAM robots were, so I had to look it up.

In other news, I ran 2 of my 3 miles today in one go! awesome! I have not done that distance of running in 5 years I bet.

Also, I went to the Santa Monica go club yesterday! I played about 4-5 games with some really nice people while some very strange things were being said during the open mic comedy night at the Unurban coffee house, they have a myspace for the event. The Unurban was the site of the coffee cup go tournament that happened a few months ago (hosted by the Santa Monica go club! duh).

Up next, Cotsen 2008!!! omgomgomg. The really cool thing about this tournament is that it is free if you play all your games AND you get 2 free lunches. It is in less than 3 weeks!


Moose said...

your robot would need a calendar and a few years to figure it all out.

daddylikeyblog said...

Will you teach me to play Go so I can get two free lunches?

Scott Nichols said...

winona!! duh!! you don't even have to ask!! ;-)

oh, there are free neck massages too

Mladen said...

I'm happy that the robot gets lunches

Rachel said...

me too, mladen