Monday, August 25, 2008

57 miles

Cue the rocky song.

I have started a month long effort to learn go better. I will be reading my books, playing lots of game online, and for the first time: trying to play pro games out on my board. The goal is to do well at the Cotsen Tournament 2008!!! I hope I don't get sick this year.

I will ease it back after the tournament, but until then, I am going for it. OK sorry.

I am rated as a 12kyu AGA, and I am entering the tournament as an 11kyu. We will see how I do, last year I entered as a 14kyu and one 2 of 5 games, but it was also my first LA go turny and I got sick the second day. (2-1 the first, 0-2 the second day) I am rated as a 10kyu or so on KGS...

3 stones in 9 months, that sucks. But I am super busy running for my chumby, working on electronics, programming rad ant-simulations, and other life things; so i think it is pretty good.

peace out.

the trumpets in your head can stop now too.

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