Monday, August 18, 2008

55 miles

I have given up on EaglePCB. I have moved to kicad, my college goto schematic maker. They both seem to be good, but my problem with eagle was it was too flexible and hard to get images for printing which is the goal of all this mess. kicad is great at making images. AND kicad has this cute 3d image viewing thing... So I redrew my 5volt to 3.3volt board and am now working on creating the pcb object so i can lay it out and create my mask.

As I was thinking about it, I have decided to make use of these i2c temperature probes. I am thinking a i2c temp shield for my arduino. I will try to get that made this week!! it will be my first real circuit etched.

I also finally found some tiny drill bits for the leg holes, so I am set on that front.

That's all... doviđenja.


Meg said...

The only word I understood was the Croatian one.

Rachel said...

yeah ditto

Rachel said...

although kicad is a great word, like a fancy bug or maybe a kind of expensive lettuce.