Sunday, August 10, 2008

53 miles

Today I saw a tarantula! It was my second one on this hike near my house within 1 year. There is something to be said about a spider the side of your face walking around in the wild. hhaha.

So my friend Brandon told me about this cool device called Beagle Board and I was thinking it could be my VGA device with little work... It is just another $125 buckaroos and I am in business... I might just wait another 47 miles and use the chumby though, when I get the chumby... oooohh the chumby.... (don't tell my wife about the beagle board...)

I found out that my 1.5 mile walk is really a 2.3 mile walk using this cool site called Gmap-Pedometer. You just click and make a trail, and it will tell you exactly how far the trail is.

So I am on the lookout for an old maybe broken motherboard. I need to scavenge the 32kHz crystal and the 3volt batter holder. With these things, I plan on making a RTC (real time clock) shield for the arduino. So that's the plan, and when I find one I will move forward.

Oh one more thing, Twitter has reached a new high! Tweets and twittering was mentioned on NPR! haha


Meg said...

seeing a tarantula in the wild is confusing. you can't act on your kill-the-spider instinct because they're so big they're like mammals. ewww mammal spiders!!!

Meg said...

ps i hate the beagle board.

Scott Nichols said...

Meg! Why do you hate the beagle board?!!

PS: When I found the tarantula I totally thought of your post of a couple weeks ago with those plant stems...