Wednesday, August 6, 2008

48 miles

Almost half way! next time will be/past the midpoint!! So that means 3-4 more months until a chumby? oh dear... I have to run more.

I just had my freshman year R.A. and long time friend stay at my apartment on his road trip to OSU (Ohio). He is making a really large L shape on his way, making it a 40 day long adventure of catching up with all his old friends along the way. We ate $h%t at the beach trying to body surf which was super fun, and then we watched the new batman movie in an IMAX theater. IMAX is HUGE, and i am not sure it was worth a $5 difference that watching on a normal screen...

My other good friend is on a crazy road trip at the same time, with a goal as far east as Maine! He is making it a 60 day trip and already he has had his car get stuck on a parking stump and a tick in his leg. Good god man, don't die! Check out the link on the side! (Colin's crazy roadtrip)

Nerd alert:

OK I have a dream, I would like to know of a device that talks either serial or parallel on one side, and sends either VGA or component video on the other. It needs to have a framebuffer internally, and a double buffer would be better.

So does this device exists? here is a logic chart:

digital IO --> internal buffer --> VGA Out (RGB H and V sync) or the Yellow component cable.

I really hope I don't have to make this... the NES can output component video... it can't be that hard right? I am going to do some more research...


Rachel said...

perhaps, a toaster?

VLD said...

I've not heard of such a device, especially with a framebuffer. Even a DVI-VGA adaptor is just a dumb switch, isn't it?

FWIW, you'd be better off using a serial input than parallel, unless you want the parallel to load exactly one pixel at a time (32bit).