Tuesday, July 29, 2008

46 miles


Ok sorry, no I was not scared, in fact I did not even know an earthquake occurred until I heard about it in the car on the way back from the park. My view on today's earthquake was a freak gust of wind in the trees as I was walking down a hill. And then there was that downed tree awhile later on the trail that was a bit odd...

My apartment and all of my things are fine, only 2 things fell off a shelf. Good times.

A little running status: I am feeling really good with the new shoes! Shin splints are still there but they are now the kind that go away during the run and come back awhile longer or the next day. I am not going to worry about them, they are not preventing me from running now unlike before. So today I was able to run a full mile without walgging!

wtf is walgging: As my friend Winona told it: "Walgging is when you go for a jog along the road and run only when a car drives by, and walk the rest of the time." (might be a miss-quote... she said that like 8 years ago...)

ok that's all i have. I hope to have some news of my nerd-adventures soon but nothing yet...

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g said...

walgging... now that is an aawesome word man.