Wednesday, July 16, 2008

42 miles

I think I am back on track!! What have I been up to? Well, I vacationed for a week at the beginning of this month to visit my family and friends in Oregon, which was great! At the same time I thought I would take the time to allow my shins to heal from my shinsplints, which they did. So mile 40 was me post vacation running, turns out that my shins are still bad or so I thought! I went out and got some new shoes, low and behold I can run with near zero pain in my shins!! WOOT WOOT!

My wife brought me a box of free stuff from her school she found on the floor. She was not sure what it was but knew it looked like something I would like. She brought home 7 LCD display modules!! They are pretty small, about the size of a chumby screen but not as much resolution I am betting. I have not spent the time to find out a lot more about them then that. But I do know that their input is the Red, Blue, Green, Sync (like a VGA cable). I have been looking around for a chip that will convert a digital image buffer to those sorts of signals. It looks pretty cool, but before I work on that, I think I will first get the OLED display up and running.

I have been having fun playing the challenge game at Go check it out... It is a lot like the google challenge.

I am also working on some pretty cool wood projects, more on that later when I get it done... It is going to be really cool. I hope I don't mess it up.

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