Monday, July 7, 2008

38 miles

Shin splints have nothing on me! Ok they have me pretty good, I am back from my healing break. Put in a good 2 miles and the shins only made a little noise. I am going to keep at it with careful watch on my shins.

I have been up to a lot. Along with my 3.3 volt to 5 volt project (which I found out is even easier than i thought because the ardunio board has both sources on board!!), I have been working on gathering the parts for a real time clock that runs off a 3 volt battery so it will keep the time even when the unit is powered off. The data sheet claims 10 years off one battery!! So I got an I2C RTC from maxium and now I am working on getting a battery clip. I am going to look for a toasted motherboard and scavenge.

Camphor wood makes your house smell funny. I made this with a chunk of it:

It sort of smells like vics vapor rub. It also added a fine layer of this smell to all of the things that live in my apartment (sorry cats). It seems to be cleaned up now. Look at that bowl!! It is about 6 inches in diameter and about 8 inches tall.

Just back from my trip to Oregon, home sweet home. It was a good visit, but I wish I was still on vacation ;0)

See you next time.


Mladen said...

Awesome bowl. Does everything you eat out of it have the same smell as your apartment?

Where do you buy your wood?

Scott Nichols said...

I got the wood from a local guy who sells out of the back of his truck. He comes to the wood turners club meetings that I go to once a month. I think it cost me $25 bucks!! pretty sweet price for a solid chunk.

I think the mess is cleaned up, it only got dust on the things in the open air and we have cleaned 99% of them now...