Monday, June 9, 2008

33 miles

Welcome back!

I don't have much new going on yet... So I will just point to some new blogs I have found and liked:

Here is Keith's Electronics Blog. Keith is working with the arduino board too, he has even made his own shield with a breadboard attached!! He is also working on something he calls the LED puck. I can't stop reading it as LED puke. I wonder what LED's puke... Miller light? . He also has some cool tips on salvaging parts from random boards... Keith, if you have an opening for a new friend, where do I apply?!

Peteris Krumins’ has a pretty sweet coding/hacking blog I spent a few hours on this weekend. His picture on the side really creeps me out, but it is just a young picture of the guy... If you can get past that, he has some neat stuff. I am not going to make links to all of it because it is easy enough to get to everything from his site. The highlights are the few sites Peteris has come up with like and But my fav thing on his site has to be the perl and python learning guides.

Last but not least... Alex Polvi has a little side project that I thought was pretty fun, go check out favicoop and install the firefox addon, all the cool kids are doing it (do it do it!!).


Peteris Krumins said...

Hi! Thanks for linking to my blog.

I think I am changing that pic after I read what you said. It's really old. Though, it does not creepy me out and people have only said that I look young there...

What's so creepy about it, if I may know?

Meg said...

bahaha Miller Light!

Scott Nichols said...

Hello Peteris!! Thanks for coming over! I think the combo of your skills at programming and then looking at the image of you when you are maybe in your young/mid teens is the creepy part... creepy is maybe the wrong word, maybe more makes me thing "Wow! this kid is crazy smart... he must be a freak!" but in the nicest way possible ;) .

I real did enjoy your site enough to bookmark it, and i never bookmark anything... I will see you there!