Saturday, May 3, 2008

7 miles

I got an OLED display and carrier board a couple weeks ago. I wanted to play with it and see how nice it looks. So I went to dig up my good old tekbot mega128.2 board but low and behold, I left it in Oregon.

So this week my brand new Arduino Diecimila board came. I debated whether I should design my own board, wait for my next trip to Oregon which would be in July, or buy the Diecimila board. I went with the Diecimila board, so the deal with these Diecimila boards is that Arduino is a open source api and IDE for ATmega family chips (ATmega8, 16, 168) and it seems they are working on supporting more (1280, 2560). The IDE does not really interest me, nor does the api. What made me buy it was their bootloader and USB to serial circuit, it emulates the isp programmers in the bootloader so you can program your board via USB (USB serial driver) which is convenient because my laptop does not have many ports other than USB. And an added bonus is that the chumby has 2 USB host ports which would allow me to connect the two!

I have done a lot of programming for these chips in college and at work. I think they are very fun and it makes me happy to see a larger user base being exposed to micro controllers with Arduino. After these new programmers get used to the board and the features of the chips, I bet they will look for a way to get at the hardware without the Arduino abstraction layer.

My wife has joined me in my runs, it has been really fun with her there with me running along and another source of motivation. She understands that I really want a chumby, but does not understand why... I will change her mind when I get it.


Mladen said...

Can you post a video of the OLED display in action?

Anyways, Scott. I bike to work now (3.5 miles one way) can I use the miles that I bike in my 100 miles to a DS? By the way did you see my awesome bike? Check it out:

deoryp said...

@mladen well, the amount of energy you use to bike a mile vs run a mile is different, assuming you are going 10-20 miles per hour you can earn 1 chumby point per 3 miles, but you can't round up... so you earn 1 chumby point per trip.

2 points per day is pretty good! Keep it up man, looks like a sweet bike.