Thursday, May 29, 2008

30 miles

Wish me luck at the 2008 OC Go Tournament!! 5 rounds of go this weekend, it is going to be awesome!

(me at the Cotsen 2008)

Then in 2 weeks I will also be at the Santa Monica Coffee Cup, which is a 3 round tournament in a coffee shop. It should be fun as well unless I drink too much coffee and can't hold the stones anymore.

Don't know anything about go? Let me show you. If you don't want to click those links, it is a game from Asia; first from China, made popular by Japan to the "west" and now has a world wide base. If you like manga, take a look at Hikaru no go. It also has a few of the mangas turned into animations, if you have netflix you can get it here.

If you want to know, here is my KGS rank:

If you want to play me, I am deoryp on kgs. I am about a 9k on kgs, and I am about 12k or so in tournaments.

wtf does 12k mean? If you learn the rules of go, you are about a 30 kyu (k = kyu). Which means to play even the handy cap to play me even would be you get to play 18 times in a row before I play on a full sized board. To be fair, if I were to play someone who plays go for a living (professionals) they would let me play about 25-30 times before they play to be even.


Mladen said...

Do you have to wear skinny hats when you play GO?

Scott Nichols said...

Yes, yes you do.

Mladen said...

Then sign me up.

ALso does that mean that the master of GO has 0k?

Scott Nichols said...

No, the master of Go is about 9 Dan Professional.

You go from 1kyu to 1 Dan amateur.
The highest rank you can get is about 10 Dan amateur unless you are able to take the professional test, then you become a 1 Dan Professional.

Some say that a 1 Dan Pro (P) is the same rank as about a 3 Dan amateur (D), but I don't know for sure.

most tournaments label the kyu rating as negative, so I would be a -12 as a 12 kyu, and a 4D would be a 4.

Meg said...

You can GO for a living? Neat! I like your friend's mullet in that picture.

Mladen said...

How many Pro's are there? And who is the best and is there a best?

Ohhh and if you ever want a really good sausage try the hebrew nationals ! SOOOOO good.

Scott Nichols said...

@meg hahaha, the guy does not have a mullet... but it really does look like it in that picture.

ps: I totally won this game shown in the picture!

Scott Nichols said...

@mladen there are a lot of pros, i would guess in the 1000's from east asia like Taiwan, China, Japan, etc. Some more in Europe. America does not have a pro test yet.

Rachel said...

i love my go playing, manga reading, progress graphing, acid etching, parrot linking, jargon explaining husband!