Monday, May 26, 2008

27 miles

So my gluteus maximus has a huge cramp.

( I am going to let you think about that for a minute... )

I spent my Saturday using my new router table for the first time, but I had to use it bent over or on my knees; hence the butt cramp. I am working on making a semi-sweet, multifunctional shelf that I am going to use to keep all my lathe wood and tools. Ok, so the shelf's use is boring, but the work to make it is pretty fun. I am making a 4 shelf bookshelf, and the ends are lap-jointed which means I need to remove about .3" x 6" x 36*6" of wood riddled with knots. I am about 70% done...

yeah, I built the router table too.

Other things I have been up to... I set up my desktop as a ubuntu 8.04 desktop with ssh server enabled so if everything goes well I will be able to connect from anywhere. Also I might be able to do remote development on my arduino board.

I am still working on my 5 volt to 3.3 volt board. I had to add/draw the part that I am using myself for the library for eagle. I did a test print of the pads to see if I got it right but it was about 100 times too big, so I am wondering if I had mixed up inches with millimeters when i was making the drawing. More to come.

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