Tuesday, May 20, 2008

22 miles

OK so I have been thinking about this concept of salaried employees working far too much and how this seems to be expected from the uppers. Either I am not getting paid enough to work into the wee hours or I don't really enjoy what I am doing.

So I would like to ask to anyone who does work crazy-go-nuts hours why exactly they do it. I can only assume that there are 3 possibilities:

1 - Their job kicks ass and they never want to be doing anything else.

My response: bastards. How did you get that job? Did it take awhile to find it?

2 - They have nothing better to do and they are getting pressure to work those long hours.

My response: suckers. (maybe that is my problem... )

3 - They are getting blackmailed. (OK... or they are payed too much and feel guilty.)

My response: figures.

So am I a lazy good-for-nothing if I only put in my 40 hours a week? When it comes time to go home, I can't wait to get home and make some dinner and maybe watch some tv, go on a run, work on the lathe, plan my project in eagle, or get schooled by my wife at gin rummy. It would take a lot to get me to give those things up.


Meg said...

Ooooh Scott, this is magically true. I'm 30-40 hourer myself, but I don't think it looks too good because there are consistent 50-70 hourers, and my new best lab friend works 10 hours every day and brags.
That's what it is! People have nothing better to brag about than how long they work! It's like bragging about how awesome you are for getting no sleep.
We must change America.

Meg said...

oo but wait! There is one lady with a baby, and she does exactly 40 hours. Playing gin rummy with Rachel is like having a baby, right?
This lady, though, is our beacon of hope. First of all, she has a cool name: Aditi. And second, she dominates our lab with results and papers and has the most respect from Mr. Boss. I suggest you set up a meeting with her. Adiiittiii

J said...

My hubby usually works around 60 hours a week. I'm guessing. It might be more because he works from home and works (tele-commute, right?) at least some of every evening and some of every weekend. I HATE THAT!!! He likes what he does, but he's a workaholic. His dad is the exact same way. I'm like my mom; I give my boss exactly what is required, more on rare occasions when needed, but my life is MY life. I work to live, I don't live to work. But it totally depends on the company, industry and/or boss.

Scott Nichols said...

@J does your husband have any hobbies? If I worked from home (and i was into what i was working on) I would be working more like 10 hours per day, but right now I am driving 2-3 hours per day which makes me away from home for 12 hours/day just about, if I add more work to that I would not have time to sleep or eat... (or make this blog! haha)

Robert said...

I'm doing about 50-60 hours a week most weeks, but I don't feel terrible about taking a short friday to go see some friends or whatever. Its about the place you work. The place I'm at is pretty relaxed about "hours" and more about "get it done," but will take items off of my plate if it seems that the time estimates were off.
Also, I'm (un)happily single, and therefore am able to work crazy hours without a wife/girlfriend/dog being mad at me.