Sunday, May 18, 2008

20 miles

Well it took a week to get back out on the track and forge through the heat and run my laps of doom. I am getting better though, I seem to be running a sub-9 minute mile now apposed to my 12 minute mile I started with a month ago! woot woot.

So at work my hard drive crashed last Monday... bad times. That combined with new friend making and end of school year celebrations I have done jack on my little project. But never fear! soon there will be something to show, maybe next weekend... Here is to then!

Chumby made it to CNBC! So any of you who don't understand wtf a chumby is, take a look here.

Here is a parrot:

Parrot taken from ianmichaelthomas


Mladen said...

new friend making is tops. I love the feeling of getting better at running, every time i do a faster mile i feel more confident.


daddylikeyblog said...

This is probably my favorite blog in the world.

Meg said...

!!!!! One time, I handcrafted a PARROT with a CARROT!! I used embroidery floss and some yellow fabric. oh man.

Scott Nichols said...


thanks guys.