Sunday, May 11, 2008

14 miles

I went swimming yesterday! It was pretty fun, and I am going to count it as a mile of running.

Acid. Fun stuff right? I want to talk more about my upcoming plan of making a prototype board at home. (A prototype board is a circuit board that is the first version of your design and you know it may not work very well. Because of this fact, you can get away with making just one or two yourself by using acid to dissolve the copper off your board, or some people have fancy drilling/routing tables that they can remove copper by cutting it off.)

The Real Elliot wrote this cool writeup on how to make Copper Chloride in Aqueous Hydrochloric Acid Solution! (Exclamation point!) on I am going to try to do it, correct me if I am wrong but this kind of acid seems to be a little more house hold safe than Ferric Chloride, the common way to etch copper off a copper clad board. (Don't get me wrong, it still seems to be able to melt your face off like "Aliens" blood):

So my plan for today is to find a glass bottle that will be strong enough for the acid and some ruff handling (just in case), a glass pan for doing the etching, and get the three parts to the recipe. Then I am off to my laptop to get my design down in eagle so I can print it off and stick it to a piece of copper... So exciting! I also need to find a single sided copper clad board...

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