Wednesday, May 7, 2008

10 miles

Well, so I got sick this week. I started to get something last Friday and then it went away for the weekend, and then came back Tuesday but today I am better now. BUT I AM BACK! Woo hoo!!

So here is what I am up to:

- running (duh)
- programming Arduino Diecimila board
- looking ahead at chumby plans
- wood turning

News on the running front is that I have found that I can't really run like I did in high school... But I am slowly getting it back, a few more months...

So my plan for the Arduino board is to connect it to the OLED display and get that working well, maybe transfer images over USB. I got the programming environment working on my ubuntu system (I tried to get debian installed and working but after battling with X11 and then apt update, it bricked... so back to ubuntu) .
So I rewrote the Makefile for Arduino to remove the Arduino part as a built in default. I don't really need the abstraction that Arduino gives, but I do really like the bootloader that lets you program over USB...

So my plans for chumby are still in the works... But the super high level plan is:

Internet --> Chumby --> Arduino --> XBee --> Other Arduino boards.

With the end goal of a XBee mesh network of home sensors (house plant hydration, cat food feeder, open door detector, power outlet monitor, etc...).

I bought a wood lathe at the start of the year. I have been learning how to make different kinds of cuts with the tools, getting a little help from this wood turning turning club I found down here. I have not gotten around to it, but some time I will post some pictures of the little bowls I have made so far.

I am also making an inchworm pull-toy for my friend's baby. I am about half way done or maybe less, I hope to have it done in a few weeks. It is pretty sweet so far.


BMF said...

Dude, I remember when you ran cross country in high school man.. you were a beast of a runner. Very much better than myself... fast and stuff.

Remember that course at the Lewis farm, through all those hills and orchards? Man that was a bi-otch. But very pretty, thinking about it now...

Scott Nichols said...

@bmf oh man, I hated that course because I was super allergic to the tree pollen there. We would go there and I would be dead for 3 days after...

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